"I am a person that tends to crash and burn on a daily basis. I am the definition of 'being your own worst critic', and hold myself to a higher standard then anyone has ever asked. I admit that I get extremely nervous talking to people, and I try to mask that by being overly vivacious and funny. What is draining about acting like this is that you constantly have to be self-aware of your actions, and critiquing yourself at all times about what people think of you. I have, and am changing this about myself; but in the meantime I can not help my emotions when I see myself as being a nuisance or an awkward person in general. So I’ll curl up in my bed, fall asleep listening to music, and get up the next day and try again; because sometimes that all you can do. “It’s okay to try again tomorrow” is the silent impact I wish to make, so the crashers and burners like me know they are not alone. That it’s ok to fail, but to get up every single morning and love yourself and be unforgivingly happy."

- Molly


"This shirt is a great reminder to always be kind to yourself!"

- Amanda


"Happiness is a trait everyone desires. It is a want and a need. Happiness is a trait that has to start within. I believe that once you be yourself happiness begins. I found true happiness when I came out as gay in 2014 and ever since then I have been truly happy. Happiness starts within. That's why I chose to "don't' procrastinate happiness."

- Andrew



One of the shirts that really speaks to me is the one which says 'Don’t procrastinate happiness'. You would think we would always have this on our minds, but surprisingly enough it often times seems to be on the backboard. There are things we feel we are “supposed to do” on a daily basis; errands to run and duties to oblige to. It is easy to get caught up in stress and sadness. The statement on the shirt to me is a reminder of something important and underrated.  It is a reminder that life is beautiful and we only get to live it once. Every moment is ours and it is never to late to be who you want to be and do what you want to do. I love it on the silent impacts shirts because it is a message that can mean something specific and different for every person who sees. For me, it calms me down and makes me grateful for who I am. Lately I have been on the stressed and unhappy side of things, worried about the logistics of life and where I have let myself down. I see this shirt and it stops me my tracks. Happiness can be found all around when you start to look and change your perspective, why procrastinate happiness when we are alive and have so many reasons to be joyful now"

- Jaki  


"I chose 'Forgive Yourself' because we are all only human and everyone deserves an opportunity at forgiveness! I struggle with self forgiveness, so I got this shirt as a reminder! I love that it will remind others of that as well ❤️"

- Morgan


This shirt is a friendly reminder to myself that it’s okay to try again tomorrow. It’s not giving up. Some days are harder than others, but as long as I have the mentality that there is another day ahead of me to try again, I know I’ll get through it.

- Madie